Monday, December 10, 2012

Learjet 25 Crash Totaled And Passengers Including Jenni Rivera's Body Burnt Beyond Recognition

Jenni Rivera

Airplane crash a complete total making it difficult to recognize burnt human remains of seven people killed on impact including banda and norteña singer Jenni Rivera.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 10, 2012

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Sunday, both Alejandro Argudín, the General Director for the Civil Aeronautics and Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) confirmed, that the early Sunday crash of Learjet 25 was a complete total as a result of the impact, instant explosion and fire making it difficult to recognize the plane or any of the burnt human remains of the four passengers, including Mexican banda and norteña singer Jenni Rivera, 43, of Encino, CA and two pilots at the scene.
A forensic team was at the scene trying to identify the remains and getting DNA evidence, but the investigation was suspended until Tuesday due to weather conditions, according to Mexican authorities.
On early Sunday, a U.S. Learjet 25 (N345MC) owned by Starwood Management crashed in the Sierra de Galeana mountains near the capitol of Nuevo León around 3:15 a.m. with seven people including Mexican-American superstar banda singer Rivera, according to SCT. 
Rivera had performed on Saturday night at the Monterrey Arena in front of 16,000 fans and was headed to Mexico City when the plane that she and her attorney, representative and several make-up/manicure aides were traveling in disappeared 10 minutes after taking off from Monterrey and crashed.
The plane left the Monterrey airport and was headed to Toluca when it was reported missing.
Rivera (Jenny Dolores Rivera Saavedra) including both pilots, Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres and four other passengers Alberto Rivera Saavedra, Mario Macias, Jacob Llenares and Gerardo N. were reported killed in the crash, according to Mexican authorities.
Rivera is a three time Latin Grammy Award nominee who is known for her banda and norteña music genres. She also gained popularity when a Jenni Rivera sex video became public.
Rivera had just signed a deal with ABC to star in a comedy sitcom called "Jenni". She also became the first Latina artist to host her own reality show and had launched a clothing and cosmetics line.
Rivera became pregnant at the age of 15 and went through an abusive relationship ending in a divorce of her first marriage in 1992 with José Trinidad Marín and her second marriage with Juan López also ended in divorced. She then married Esteban Loaiza (a major league basball player) in 2010, but recently filed for divorce in 2012.
In 2006, Marín was convicted for molesting both Chiquis, his daughter and sister-in-law Rosie.
Recent allegations raised that her daughter Chiquis had gotten involved with Rivera's third husband resulted in filing for a divorce. The mother-daughter relationship soon deteriorated between Chiquis and her over the sexual relationship with Rivera's third husband, Loaiza. Chiquis denied the allegations of a relationship with Loaiza.
Mexican authorities are still at the scene where the plane crashed and continue their investigation into what caused the accident. The plane was found at the property of El Tejocote ranch in the municipality of Iturbe in the state of Nuevo León.
Rivera is survived by her five children, (three fathered by Marín), Jacqueline Marín Rivera, 23, Janney "Chiquis" Marín Rivera, 27, and Michael Marín Rivera, 21, (two fathered by López) Jenicka López Rivera, 15, and Johnny López Rivera, 11, including both her parents (Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra) and siblings, Pedro, Gustavo, Lupillo, Juan and Rosie.
Lupillo is a popular banda singer and Juan is also a singer.

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