Friday, October 12, 2012

Zavala Arrested For The Escobedo Ortiz Homicide In Chihuahua

José Enriquez Jiménez Zavala, aka, "El Wicked"

Suspect charged with the 2010 homicide of activist mother seeking justice for her daughter's homicide.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 12, 2012

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico - The Governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte has confirmed the arrest of José Enriquez Jiménez Zavala, 29, aka, "El Wicked" for the December 16, 2010 homicide of activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz in front of the state goverment building. Ortiz spend weeks outside the government building in an attempt to bring justice for her daughter Rubí Marisol Fraire Escobedo, 16, who was murdered by her boyfriend Sergio Rafael Barraza Bocanegra who remains a fugitive.
Zavala was taken into custody on October 4, in Chihuahua city the Capitol of Chihuahua by the Chihuahua State Preventive Police. He was traveling in a vehicle with his wife and two children including another man. Both Zavala and the man had handguns and were confiscated by police.
A warrant had been issued for Zavala in connection with 16 murders that included two journalists inside the Colorado Bar on April 20, in Chihuahua city.
Zavala led a gang known as the Aztecas that are associated with La Linea, the armed branch for the Juárez Cartel. Zavala apparently confessed that he killed Ortiz to keep her quiet by orders from Jésus Antonio Chávez, aka, "El Tarzan." Chávez thought that Ortiz was putting to much heat on La Linea for pursuing justice for her daughter's homicide and seeking for state authorities to search and arrest Bocanegra. Bocanegra was sentenced to 50 years in prison in absentia for Escobedo's homicide.
In 2009, Bocanegra was arrested, confessed to killing Escobedo and than burning her body in a pig ranch. He led authorities to the crime scene. But a tribunal of three state judges released Bocanegra believed to be a member of the Zetas for a lack of evidence, despite his confession and leading police to where he burned Escobedo's body.
The three judges later resigned after a public outcry of injustice and to avoid alleged corruption charges. A federal judge vacated their ruling and convicted Bocanegra in absentia.
Last December, state authorities had reported that Héctor Miguel Flores Morán, aka, "El Payasso" who was killed in September 2011 had been the actual killer of Ortiz, but a composite photo drawn by description details provided by Ortiz' brother did not match the facial appearance to Morán. 
Police did recover a Sig Sauer Model P239, 9mm Caliber gun from Morán, which forensic and ballistic tests showed it was the handgun used in the Ortiz homicide.

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