Monday, October 15, 2012

SUV Backs Up Into Air And Vacuum Dispenser In Milwaukee's Southside

Photos by Eduardo Velez

Newly acquired SUV gets its rear end wheels logged on top of a concrete barrier after using air dispenser due to driver error.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 15, 2012

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, a driver backed up his SUV unexpectedly after using the air and vacuum dispenser at the Mobil Gas Station at the 3500 block of W. Oklahoma Ave. A witness says, the driver around 1:15 p.m. was getting ready to leave a gas station after using a tire air dispenser and unexpectedly put the gear in reverse forcing the SUV to backup into the dispenser. 
No one was reported injured, but the driver and passenger were stunned to discover their SUV's rear end was up in the air on top of a concrete barrier and couldn't move.
The SUV had no license plates, indicating it was just acquired by the owner. The SUV remained logged on top of a concrete barrier.
It turned out to be an embarrassing incident for the driver, according to the witness.

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