Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dozens Of Alleged Victims Protest At MC Multiservicios Tax Preparer's Business

Felix Martinez

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Numerous people gathered in front of a local southside tax preparer to protest, demand for their missing money to be returned and to show that they won't retract their allegations that MC Multiservicios failed to fully reimburse their tax refunds for 2009.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 4, 2012

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, dozens of taxpayers protested in front of both the MC Multiservicios tax preparer business and Attorney Victor Arellano's Milwaukee local office at 1010 S. César E. Chávez Drive to convey a strong message that they won't retract their allgegations of being short changed in 2010 of their 2009 tax refunds by the local tax preparer. The protest was organized by Felix Martinez, a community organizer for La Organización Centro de la Causa-Chicago. Martinez called for MC Multiservicios to reimburse the victims claiming their tax refunds were not fully returned. Some of the protesters claimed MC Multiservicios withheld between more than one hundred dollars, up to four hundred dollars in some tax refund claims.
Last Tuesday, Luis Urdaneta, the lead Community Organizer for United We Stay (UWS) confirmed that numerous individual complaints were filed on September 18, against MC Multiservicios with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation Division and not "criminal complaints" as previously reported. Urdaneta explained that more victims have come forward, since making it public.
Attorney Arellano who represents Jenny and Juan Contreras, the owners of MC Multiservicios, e-mailed a "Retraction Request" after a flyer with the HNNUSA article reporting that numerous complaints had been filed with the IRS were distributed in Milwaukee's Southside area.
Affidavit's from victims (Taxpayers) claimed the Southside tax preparer did not refund the full amount the IRS had reimbursed them for their 2009 tax returns that they were entitled too.
Attorney Arellano, who represents the Contreras claimed last week, that they believed "each and every intentionally false and malicious...defamatory and slanderous false accusations" used to damage the name and reputation of MC Multiservicios and its owners, according to Arellano. Arellano who has advertised a local office for his law firm at the same address where MC Multiservcios is located demanded a retraction from HNNUSA, Urdaneta and two other people. The allegations raised by Urdaneta and the taxpayers who received between $155.00 to $435.00 less than was sent to them by the IRS "won't retract their initial complaints" as Arellano requested.
In an unusual attempt, Attorney Arellano also requested the Social Security number and a notarized copy of Urdaneta's U.S. Citizenship Immigration & Naturalization Lawful Permanent Resident Card, but Arellano failed to cite any federal authority granting him to request such privilege information from anyone. 
Numeous victims have come forward who discovered their original 2010 federal tax filings for 2009 tax refunds that were prepared by MC Multiservicios had discrepancies when they asked for copies of the original tax refund filings from the IRS in 2011 and 2012. 
Urdaneta confirmed, his organization had filed an individual complaint with the IRS for each taxpayer who has come forward claiming they were victimized by MC Multiservicios. 
Members from la Organización Centro de la Causa-Chicago has also joined Urdaneta in the claim against MC Multiservicios.
MC Multiservicios closed for several days this week, but reopen on Thursday. The MC Multiservicios owners, Jenny and Juan Contreras have declined to comment to HNNUSA about the allegations made by the taxpayers who strongly believed they were victimized in 2010.

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