Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Murder Suspect Arrested In The Death Of U.S. Airways Flight Attendant In Mexico City

José Manuel Ramirez Perez

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Suspect met U.S. Airways employee at a Gay bar before killing him to rob him.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 1, 2012

Mexico City, Mexico - On Monday, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinoza, the Attorney General for Mexico City announced the arrest of José Manuel Ramirez Perez, 20, or José Lira Cuellar, aka, "La Sombra" in connection with the October 28, murder of Nicholas George Aaronson, 27. Mancera Espinoza said, Ramirez Perez met Aaronson at a gay bar named Cine Club in the Alameda Central business district.
Aaronson who befriended Ramirez Perez decided to take him to the Hilton hotel just before 4:00 a.m. where he was staying. Once they went into the room, Ramirez Perez attacked Aaronson by beating him, knocked him out, tied him up and then strangled the victim with a belt. Ramirez Perez fled the scene.
Co-U.S. Airways workers alerted hotel management that Aaronson hadn't been seen or was answering his phone at the hotel room. When they went to check the room last Saturday, they found Aaronson's body.
Police were able to find 8 fingerprints to match Ramirez Perez' identity. He had been released in February from prison after serving time for a robbery.
Also, Mexican police were able to get video surveillance from the hotel to identify Ramirez Perez. He was arrested several days later at the same gay bar where he met Aaronson, according to Mancera Espinoza.
Ramirez Perez is facing homicide and robbery charges.

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