Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bauer's Trial Set For December In "Mule Smuggling" Heroin Case In The Dominican Republic

Jimmy Bauer, a local known bachata New York singer suffering from minor mental disorders in Santo Domingo, according to court records.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 22, 2011

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Three Judges, Victor Lebrón, Odelina Salvador Reyes and Eduardo de los Santos Rosario for the Second Tribunal Court in Santo Domingo have set a trial hearing date for December 12 for Jaime Vargas, aka, "Jimmy Bauer," a local known bachata singer from New York City. Bauer is being held on charges for trafficking and trying to smuggle heroin into the U.S.
A hearing for Bauer on November 14, was rescheduled after prison (jail) authorities in Najayo failed to present him at court for the hearing. Court records indicate, Bauer is trying to make a plea agreement in the case and is currently going for a psychiatric evaluation for minor mental disorder behavior.
Bauer has been held in jail since, November 1, 2010 after being arrested for trying to smuggle one kilo of heroin in his stomach, known as "Mule Smuggling." He collapsed at the Santo Domingo International Las Americas Airport when detained for suspicous behavior and minutes after a small pellet full of heroin ruptured inside his stomach. The rupture caused an overdose that almost killed Bauer.
After an x-ray, doctors at a military hospital later removed 88 pellets (small balloons) of 1.04 kilogram totalling 2.2 pounds of pure heroin that Bauer had injested.
If Bauer would have made the flight to the U.S., most likely he wouldn't have survived the flight, according to authorities.

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