Friday, November 25, 2011

Milwaukee City Election Commission Unable to Control Campaign Violations Of Posting Before December

Pérez political sign posted at La Mexicana Records.

José Pérez

Election campaign signs posted before December 1st illegal, according to Milwaukee Election Commission.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 25, 2011

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, after a follow up of an exclusive story about a potential 12th District Aldermanic candidate José G. Pérez who allegedly posted a campaign sign at a local Southside record store before the required date of December 1, has raised concern about committing a city campaign violation. Several Pérez signs were noticed at a local business window at the 400 block of W. National Ave.
Another campaign poster was spotted on Wednesday in the window of La Mexicana Records, at the 1100 block of W. Lincoln Ave. Salvador Jimenez from La Mexicana Records said, that Pérez himself came to the store and asked permission to post the sign. He posted the sign himself about several weeks ago, Jimenez said. Jimenez won't pulled the sign off the window, but said that Pérez himself needs to pull it.
Neither, Pérez or Susan M. Edman, Executive Director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission could be reached for comment on Wednesday.
Unfortunately, the Election Commission, including the City Attorney's Office lacks strict enforcement of election campaign rules and the Pérez campaign committee seems to be taking advantage of the laxed election rules in the City of Milwaukee. Other related reports by several people indicated that Pérez might not be the only one violating campaign rules, but that other potential candidates in the near Southside have also began posting prohibited election campaign signs in the area as well.
Last Friday, Edman, from the Election Commission confirmed that candidates running for public office can't put up or have their campaign signs displayed at private properties or public places before December 1st. Nomination papers will begin circulating on December 1, to gather the required signatures for candidates to get on the ballot for each prospective elected position.
Candidates or people posting an election campaign sign before December would be in violation of election rules.
Several signs for Pérez, were posted last week at the corner of the 1000 block of W. Washington St. Since the story broke out on Hispanic News Network U.S.A., the posters were removed immediately by a unkown person or persons.
Last week, Pérez also could not be reached for comment after several unsuccessful attempts to his campaign phone number.
Edman could not elaborate further or if a penalty was warranted when contacted on November 18, about the Pérez election campaign sign violation other than it was a violation. She said, that she would look into it, since it hasn't happened in the pass.
When contacted, 12 District Alderman Jim Witkowiak, who is running for re-election said, he won't put up his campaign signs until Dec. 1st as required by the election commission.
Pérez is the only candidate that has registered his campaign committee to challenge Alderman Witkowiak in the 12th District.

Campaign posters on Nov. 18, at S. 10 St. and W. Washington St. in Milwaukee's Southside.

Pérez posters at the 400 block of W. National Ave. spotted on Wednesday.

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