Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five Arrested In Neo-Nazi Rally In West Allis

Neo-Nazi rally rained on and counter protesters remained peaceful, but loud.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 4, 2011

West Allis - On Saturday, the West Allis Police Department in Wisconsin reported five arrests during the neo-Nazi rally at city hall. Three people were taken into custody for weapons charges and two others were charged with disorderly conduct. All five arrested were counter protesters.
About 20 neo-Nazi members of the National Socialist Movement attended the rally and made fun of several hundred counter protesters. Both groups got soaking wet as rain poured for several hours.
At least five law enforcement agencies were at hand to help the West Allis Police to maintain a peaceful gathering. Counter protesters drowned out most of the neo-Nazi speeches. The neo-Nazi's staged a rally in West Allis in wake of last month's multiple attack of White people at the Wisconsin State Fair by hundreds of Black teenagers. They called on police to prosecute the Black teenagers with a hate crime. At least five teenagers have been charged and none with a hate crime, according to the neo-Nazi group.
The counter demonstrators represented multiple groups, which none came forward calling on the Black community to help identify and help prosecute the Black teenagers involved in the flash mob beatings of Whites and Latinos at the State Fair.
The National Socialists Movement in a prior news release blamed leaders in the Black community for not comming out and demanding hate crime prosecutions. The release stated, the facts are now widely available regarding the Black flash mob violence being directed at innocent White people in the City of Milwaukee and its surrounding Suburbs. This Racial violence is not just happening in Milwaukee, but has spread around the Nation to many other Cities of all sizes. Flash Mob racial violence is becoming an epidemic, which could certainly lead to increased racial tensions and violence around the Nation.
The media reports black youths engaging in these actions, therefore this problem rests solidly at the feet of the Black community, and its leaders. The same Black leaders (such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) that bring thousands of their people into the streets to rally against White Injustice remain silent as hundreds of Blacks beat white women, and children in public places! The Black community and its leaders may have fallen short in addressing this Nationwide problem.

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