Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Federal Laws Don't Prohibit States From Inquiring Legal Status Of Students, Judge Blackburn Ruled

Federal Judge Sharon L. Blackburn

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Ruling would require all schools to determine the legal status of students and police can hold illegal immigrants without bond.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 28, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama - On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Sharon L. Blackburn in Alabama ruled that “federal law doesn’t prohibit the state from requiring schools to check the immigration status of students or from requiring police to determine the status of suspected illegal immigrants.” Blackburn's decision to allow the key portions of an Alabama immigration bill to stand comes from the temporary injunction last month to block House Bill 56 (HB 56) from taking effect. The injunction was set to expire on Thursday.
Police can hold illegal immigrants without bond, make it a felony for illegals to do business with the state, prohibit courts from enforcing contracts with illegal immigrants and making it a misdemeanor for illegal immigrants not to carry legal immigration documents, according to Blackburn's decision.
She blocked four other sections of the bill until a final decision is made at a later date. The sections temporarily blocked included, making it a crime for illegals to work, for providing transportation and housing to illegals, prohibit businesses from taking tax deductions on wages paid to illegals and allowing lawsuits for discrimination when terminating legal workers and then hiring illegal workers.
Alabama had passed HB 56, which is considered one of the strictest immigration state bills in the country.

Federal judge Blackburn's 115 page decision ruling on Alabama's HB 56 (PDF) at link:

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