Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin State Government Under Siege By Democrats

Rev. Jesse Jackson marched with Voces de la Frontera in favor of union bargaining rights. Photo: Voces de la Frontera

More than 100,000 protesters gathered for the sixth day of peaceful demonstrations in Madison.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 19, 2011

Madison - On Saturday, hundreds of Latinos along with Voces de la Frontera joined the tens of thousands of pro-union protesters in calling for Governor Scott Walker (R) and Republican controlled legislature to allow collective bargaining in the budget repair bill for most state employees. The bill, if passed would strip state employees from collective bargaining rights, except for wages.
Protesters have been demonstrating for six days at the Madison Capitol. The protesters have been gaining support from Wisconsin taxpayers around the state.
Hundreds of Tea Party pro-Walker supporters showed up in Madison, but both sides peacefully voiced their concerns. They were out numbered by pro-union supporters.
Governor Walker admitted on Saturday, that he never thought state employees and professional public workers would actually call in sick, walk out of their jobs and protest in Madison. Union leaders have confirmed that they have accepted wage and benefits cuts, but won't give up bargaining collective rights. They have informed Governor Walker about accepting all of his concessions, except eliminating collective bargaining rights for state workers.
So far, Governor Walker and the Republican controlled Senate have failed to pass any bill for the last six days. State government has been under siege by Democrats who have said, that they stand with Wisconsin state employees and the people of the state in maintaining their right to collectively bargain.
Fourteen Senate Democrats left the state last week in order to slow down the passage of the budget repair bill. Their bold move to leave the state and go into Illinois kept the Senate's session from reaching quorum. Since early last week, the Republicans haven't been able to pass any type of bill.
The Republican controlled legislature is useless without the Senate being able to reach quorum to conduct any business and to approve legislative bills affecting the state.
The Senate Democrats have vowed to stay out until the Republicans and Governor Walker are willing to come to the table and discuss the budget bill. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said, "the budget repair bill is not negotiable." Senator Chris Larson (D) says, democrats had about 100 amendments to propose, but Republicans wouldn't accept any and were ready to pass the bill without any other consideration or further public input in budget hearings.
Larson admitted that Senate Democrats staying in Illinois and Governor Walker have been talking and are trying to reach some type of a compromise. No details have been released by either Walker or the democrats.
Walker strongly believes, that some of the 300,000 state employees that haven't called in sick and left their jobs to protest will continue to stay at work. Those state employees might be willing to accept Walker's decision to take away their right to negotiate through collective bargaining.
Walker could be in for a surprise when employees decide to finally step up to defend their right to bargain and join the thousands of pro-union protesters.  

Point of view that Wisconsin has no fiscal crisis, but a political move by Republicans (GOP) to bust unions, which support the Democrats, according to Rachel Maddow, MSNBC.

Republicans by busting unions can prevent Democrats from winning elections. Unions have been the source of organizing and helping Democrats win elections.

• In January, Wisconsin had a budget surplus of $120 million, the Congressional State Office reported.

• Governor Walker gave $137 million worth of tax breaks to businesses creating a budget shortfall.

• The Budget repair bill includes items that have no fiscal impact like eliminating collective bargaining. It doesn't save Wisconsin any money by ending bargaining rights for most state employees.

• State employees contracts didn't create a fiscal crisis, Governor Walker created the crisis to bust unions and destroy the Democratic Party, so Republicans can win upcomming elections.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC point of view that Wisconsin is not bankrupt and Governor Walker wants to prevent Democrats from winning elections. Check out video link at:

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