Wednesday, May 5, 2010

President Obama Can Lead Immigration Reform By Pardoning 13 Million Undocumented Immigrants

H. Nelson Goodson, Immigration Reform and Civil Rights Journalist

May 5, 2010

Milwaukee (HNNUSA) - In 2010, "President Barack Obama can lead immigration reform by pardoning 13 million undocumented workers," said H. Nelson Goodson, Immigration Reform and Civil Rights journalist.
The anti-U.S. Constitution extremist groups are planning a massive gathering on June 5th in Phoenix to show support for Arizonas' SB 1070 and are advocating for states to defy federal laws by adopting similar anti-immigrant laws. Twelve states are considering adopting a similar immigration enforcement laws.
On Wednesday Cinco de Mayo, Goodson called on Latinos and supporters of immigration reform throughout the country to continued limiting their spending to bare essentials only and to boycott Arizona. Hispanics will have a wielding $1.3 trillion economic spending power by 2013. An economic power Hispanics need to manage and apply, thus becoming a force not to be reckon with.
The June 5th extremist groups and organizations are pushing nationally for states to adopt Arizonas' SB 1070 immigration enforcement law, which is an act to defy federal law and the Constitution, says Goodson. This anti-immigrant groups promote that undocument immigrants are in the country illegally and should not be granted a pathway to legalization and work in the U.S.
But, they support SB 1070, which is unlawful and unconstitutional, and the U.S. Department of Justice is expected to rule it unconstitutional as well. These anti-immigrant groups prey on ignorance and misinformation to promote a disregard to our federal laws, leading to racial profiling, discrimination and creating an environment of fear and umlawful persecution. These anti-immigrant groups would rather do away with our due process and the U.S. Constitution when it becomes convenient to do so. The Constitution guarantees inherent rights to everyone, including the undesirables.

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