Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goodson Called For Boycott Of The 2011 All Star Game In Arizona

Milwaukee immigration reform and civil rights journalist called on Latinos and baseball players to boycott the All Star Game

May 15, 2010

Milwaukee (HNNUSA) - H. Nelson Goodson, from Taxpayers for Immigration Reform and Civil Rights Journalist called on the U.S. Latino community and major league baseball players across America to boycott the All Star Game in 2011. Goodson said, "Bud Selig's decision to keep the All Star Game in Arizona, definately sents a message that he actually supports Arizona's SB 1070 immigration enforcement law. The state law is deemed unconstitutional and discriminatory that will lead to racial profiling. The MLB commissioner whose players include Latinos and minorities wants to keep the game out of politics, and hold the game in a state that enacted a law, which will most likely discriminate people and even his own players."
"It shouldn't surprise anyone, by Selig's reluctance to move the All Star Game from Arizona. Eventhough, he is aware that SB 1070 can lead to racial profiling and discrimination.
During Memorial Day weekend in May, the MLB and Selig will be paying tribute to the African-American Leagues and Jackie Robinson, but these players have yet to receive their respect by the MLB. The tribute is being labeled and recognized as the "Negro Leagues Tribute" game, instead as the African-American Leagues Tribute, which the players have definately earned as history defines.
The MLB seems to continue their unequal and racial disparity among the past and present tributes. MLB do the right thing and change it to African-American Leagues Tribute and move the All Star Game from Arizona as an act to oppose discrimination and not to condone it," Goodson said.
In March, Goodson called for Latinos to limit their spending to bare essentials only until an immigration reform bill is passed. He also supports the boycott against Arizona. "Latinos are projected to have a purchasing power of more than $1.3 trillion by 2013, and we need to manage our economic spending power to become an economic force to be reckon with. If Arizona doesn't want Latinos in their state, then we won't spend or invest in the State of Arizona," Goodson said.
Last week, the City Council in Los Angeles approved a boycott resolution that will prevent city employees from traveling to Arizona or doing any business with the state. The resolution will cost Arizona at least $8 million in lost revenues.   

Shame on Bud Selig & MLB, decades after they still refer to Negro Leagues instead of African-American Leagues Tribute.

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