Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cesar E. Chavez Drive In Milwaukee Gets New Sidewalks

Latino businesses along Chavez Drive get new sidewalks this week

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 19, 2010

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, Latino and non-Latino businesses on the East side of the street got new sidewalks. Construction along the business district began April 5, between W. National Ave. to W. Greenfield Ave. on the North and South bound on Chavez Dr. The concrete sidewalks were installed by the crew of Stark Asphalt, a business that employs Latinos for concrete work. Next week, the red color concrete will be poured and styled as the border for sidewalks, walkways and corners including a pathway to the rear parking lot located between W. Scott St. and W. Greenfield Ave. on S. 15th Place.
Some of the crew working on the sidewalks were Adan Ventura, Rodolfo Ruiz, Javier Ruiz, Adrain Ruiz, Jorge aka "El Pero," Juan Pelambrez, and Jesus Ortega, the crew boss. Stark Asphalt from Milwaukee has been in the concrete business for the last five years, but have been doing Asphalt for years, according to some of the workers. This has been the first season for major construction or business improvement streetscape in decades (more than 35 years) for Chavez Dr. formerly known as S. 16th St.   The project was initiated by the City of Milwaukee and Chavez Dr. business district board members. The current Chavez Drive Business Improvement District #38 officers are Leslie Velez, Treasurer; Rafael Luciano, Chair; Ivan Gamboa, Secretary; Jose Dominguez, Board Member, and Brenda Boyd, Board Member.
An estimated 20,000 vehicles come through Chavez Drive a day and we don't expect any delays completing the project," said Bret M. Swenson, Construction Project Field Leader.
City officials estimate that at least 147,000 vehicles use S. Chavez Dr. per week, and even more when Mexican Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, Mexican Fiesta weekend, Puerto Rican, Harley-Davidson motorcycle rallies, Summerfest, and other ethnic celebrations occur in the Spring and through the Summer.
The predominately Hispanic South Side district is one of the primary districts for generating tax revenue, including fees for licenses, permits, violations, etc., for the City of Milwaukee. City officials cited, "the Near South Side consistently showed signs of robust investment, business, and property value growth. Between 2002 and 2006, sales price per building square foot increased each year and rose from $39 per square foot to $61 per square foot. The annual value of all construction investments increased from $37.8 million to $124.1 million and averaged $56.3 million. The value of land per square foot for residential, commercial mixed, and industrial use increased and exceeded that for the City of Milwaukee as a whole," according to the City of Milwaukee market study.
A city economic study reported that the south side households in the predominately Latino community located inside Postal Zip Code 53204 in Milwaukee spend more than $91 million annually in retail goods, according to the 2006 Department of City Development statistics. In one day, they spent approximately $249,315.06. The biggest tax-generating base for the city comes solely from the south side.
In Milwaukee, over 850 Hispanic owned businesses generate more than $225 million in annual sales. It is abundantly clear that the immigration of Hispanics and undocumented immigrants to Southeastern Wisconsin is tied to a large degree to the available resources that Hispanics have in the area.
In Wisconsin, over 3,000 Hispanic owned businesses generate more than $800 million in annual sales, creation of jobs and available employment resulting in population growth as well as business growth. The Hispanic population increased by more than 4%, greater than the national Hispanic growth rate, and more than 271,000 Hispanics lived in Wisconsin in 2007. The population of Hispanics has grown by 40% since 2000, according to the U.S. Census report.
The South side project is part of the $1.968 million dollar improvement plan for the Cesar E. Chavez Business Improvement District (BID) #38 Streetscape Project. This is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Project.

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