Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scammers Faking Family Emergencies To Milk Relatives Out Of Thousands of Dollars

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 30, 2009

Mexico - Countless of relatives in Mexico have received a call from scammers using 1.333.555.0000 and saying that Mexican nationals living abroad or entering the country need money. They talk to parents or relatives urging them to send money to a certain bank, to be used to bail out a relative from a certain problem or emergengy. Reports indicate thousands of dollars and pesos have been scammed out of unsuspecting victims.
The scam is spreading from country to country and milking victims out of money. People should not send money to someone they don't know, but fear that a relative is in a predicament allows the transfer of money to take place.
Unfortunately, the scammers get phone numbers of relatives from lost phones or hacking and accessing computer data information and email address lists with phone numbers. Family members believe the scammers were able to get information from financial companies specializing in sending cash through wired money transfers to Mexico. These companies in the U.S. and companies in Mexico where the money is recovered, also do have the vital information needed by scammers to contact family members.
To avoid such a scam, let relatives know not to send money when requested by strangers. Relatives can give them a pass word for emergencies and contact certain people to confirm an emergency. 
Police say that scammers use a lot of different ways, tactics and tricks to con victims out of money. Once the money is transferred or sent, it can be difficult to trace, especially if sent to another country. Although, some international scammers have been busted by authorities and Interpol.
Scammers using1.333.555.0000 to fake family emergencies
Scammer faking family emergencies

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