Saturday, December 5, 2009

Café Tacuba Packs Concert In Milwaukee

Full house at the Rave/Eagles for Café Tacuba, a Spanish rock band

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 5, 2009

Milwaukee - The popular Mexican rock band Café Tacuba brought a full house within an hour on Friday. At about 7:30 p.m., the early arrival of about 50 fans at the Rave/Eagles made the ballroom look extremely empty. An hour later, a huge wave of Spanish rock fanatics took over the entire ballroom.
Most were teenagers, and secondly they shared the concert with older age groups. They chanted "culero...culero..." sending a massage directly to Tacuba, for them to come on stage.
People came to the concert from Chicago, Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, and as far away as Sheboygan with one thing in common, and that was to rock in Spanish and to party hard. "El concierto estuvo espectacular anoche, Last night, the concert was spectacular," Rosa Barber said of the Café Tacuba's concert. No doubt it was a spectacular event, the Café Tacuba Spanish rock fanatics who were mostly Latinos ruled last night in Milwaukee.
Before the live concert, the fans were asked by a DJ, would you like hear a duranguense, or a cumbia, the crowd shouted in unison "No!" and more Spanish rock was played by a popular local DJ with Sonido Galerías from Milwaukee before Tacuba went on stage.
Café Tacuba began the concert at about 9:40 p.m., and they electrified the crowd. "Tonight, we are one family and we are all like pebbles from roses and one bouquet of roses, so let's rock. Mí gente (my people), let loose the pressure, take your frustration into the dance floor and enjoy tonight's concert. Afterwards, take your energy home and continue to party," Rubén Albarrán, the bands lead singer said.
The attendees sway from side to side causing a massive human Tsunami throughout the floor. Then the fans began to jump up and down along with Tacuba's lyrics shaking the floor into a simulated earthquake.
Tacuba gave an excellent performance, especially for a Spanish rock band today. Despite, some of the fans throwing their full beer cups with ice into the crowd. Within the crowd, one guy pulled out a joint and lit it. The smoke from the joint seemed to smell like Marijuana. He smoked it with three other guys. It looked like no one really seemed to mine. 
About the band, this year they have been celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Café Tacuba (often spelled Café Tacvba) is a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-winning musical group from Naucalpan, Mexico. They were founded in 1989, and since then have had the same musical lineup.
The event on Friday was sponsored by Promociones Fiesta and their MC Alex Preciado said, "We keep our word about bringing pop music to Milwaukee." Preciado also wanted to thank everyone for their support, especially for exclusively posting the Milwaukee, Wisconsin coverage of the Café Tacuba concert on the Internet.
On Saturday, Café Tacuba will be performing in Chicago's Congress Theater.

The following two photos were provided by courtesy of Rosa Barber,

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Ashley said...

I was there I thought it was amazing!! It was the most fun I've had in AGES!!! The energy was ridiculous, it was sick!