Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Antojitos Mexicanos A Bursting Flavor Experience During The Holidays And New Year

Holiday season brings out the best of Mexican antojitos (snack craving for candies or food) flavors

Milwaukee -Some of the imported rationed antojitos Mexicanos...So, I have begun consuming them one by one to satisfy my long over due sweet/chile stimulants that trigger my own taste buds to the point of bursting with true flavors of the antojito culture acquired while maturing in life.
Latinos through the ages have acquired a snack craving for various popular candies and foods since childhood attributed by parents and relatives. During the Holidays like Christmas and the New Year such antojitos arise and are usually satisfied by relatives importing or sending them to relatives and love ones all over the world.
Some are candies like, Mexican products Candy La Barca con Dulces de Tamarindo, Aldama mini Obledas con cajeta y bolas de Tamarindo con chile y asucar. A special thanks to la Guera, Odette and her husband Ramon for the antojito experience.
La pura vida con sabor de ser Mexicano-Americano con corazon de Boricua y Latino/Hispano Internacional. {:{) ¡Feliz Prospero Año Nuevo mí gente!
The antojito Mexican flavor experience was shared by H. Nelson Goodson.

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