Friday, August 28, 2009

Editorial: Vote No! To Mayor Barrett and Governor Doyle's Take Over Of MPS

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 28, 2009

Milwaukee, WI -Governor Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are proposing to take over the Milwaukee Public School District (MPS) from the public's right to elect who will represent them and to administrate the MPS educational system. Both the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin should let the elected MPS Board do their job and provide them with the financial, political, and support needed to ensure students are well educated and prepared for college, universities, technical colleges and skilled jobs.
Taxpayers should not allow a take over by either Mayor Barrett or Governor Doyle. They haven't even offered a proposal to replace the current MPS curriculum, and balance the existing financial dilemma. They can't even manage to balance their own city and state budget deficits.
The MPS Board is proposing more oversight of their expenditures and costs. The mayor and governor have yet to offer an alternative.
The State of Wisconsin is facing a $5.4 Billion by 2011, and the City of Milwaukee is facing a $90 million deficit by 2010. Mayor Barrett and Governor Doyle have not come close to balancing their own budget deficits and now they want to tackle the MPS budget and educational curriculum.
Let's give the MPS Board a chance to fix their own issues and deficit, because they were elected to administrate MPS by Taxpayers.

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auntie em said...

Well, of course, Diamond Jim has run out of favors to bestow, so he is looking for new ones. It isn't enough for him that his slash-and-burn policies have turned WI into the state with the HIGHEST PER CAPITA DEBT in the whole USA ($1180+ and growing); now he has to personally stick it to those who live in Milwaukee.

It wasn't bad enough that Jim rewarded his Indian gambling friends by allowing them to set up at the State Fair; he had to tear down the 4Hers' building, and move the kids right next to the gamblers. How family-friendly is that!? This was about 5 years ago, and I vowed none of my kids would ever go to State Fair again as exhibitors.

It isn't enough that he holds "public" meetings from which those who will ask him uncomfortable questions are BANNED. Yes it happened earlier in Aug! (Email for details.)

It's pretty obvious Doyle hates most of WI and only wants to help his pals.