Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tejano Singer Joe Lopez Convicted For Sexual Assault Of Child Scheduled For Release In Five Days

Lopez, a former popular Tejano music style singer who was convicted for two counts of sexual assault of a child is scheduled for release next week.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

March 10, 2018

Huntsville, Texas - José Manuel Lopez, 67, also known in the Tejano music style stage name "Joe Lopez" is scheduled to be released on parole on March 15, 2018 from the Coree facility with the Texas Department of Correction (TDOC) located in Huntsville, according to the TDOC. Lopez completed a nine month sex offender treatment successfully and will be released on Thursday.
Lopez was convicted in 2006 for two felony counts of aggravated sexual assault (Lopez was sentenced to 20 years on one count and 8 years in prison on the second count) and one felony count for indecent contact with a child age 13 (sentenced to 4 years in prison) and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Lopez has served 10 years.
Lopez was convicted for raping his 13-year-old niece Krystal Lopez who had his child. 
Lopez has indicated that he had written multiple songs while in prison and is eager to sing again and to continue with his career as a Tejano singer. 
Lopez of Brownsville is the co-founder and former Tejano lead singer for the Grupo Mazz. In 1998, both Lopez and Jimmy González, the other co-founder split and two Tejano bands continued to perform Tejano style music venue as Jimmy González y Grupo Mazz and Joe Lopez y La Nueva Imagen Mazz. La Nueva Imagen Mazz band was phased out when Lopez was convicted and sent to prison.
González, 67, of Brownsville is the current lead singer for the Grupo Mazz and has won 8 Grammy Awards. González has three sons involved with the Grupo Mazz.
Grupo Mazz is credited for modernizing the Tejano style of music.

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days po said...

The girl had his child. There is nothing to defend. Joe is totally guilty should have gotten the 40 years. But this our judicial system that is definitely broken.