Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax Just Open Fired Into Fleeing Vehicle Regardless Of Innocent Passengers

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax should face criminal charges for shooting into fleeing vehicle striking one female passenger and endangering two others.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 13, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax, 32, a rookie in disregard and endangerment to life fired upon a fleeing vehicle with four people in the vehicle for a simple traffic violation. Deputy Truax fired between 8 to 10 shots consisting of .40 Caliber hollow point bullets into fleeing vehicle striking Terry Williams, 19, and Paula McEwen on Sunday. Williams, the driver later died from a head wound (pronounced brain dead on Monday) and McEwen was shot in the shoulder and hand. A second female and a male passenger in the back seat were not injured from Deputy Truax discharging his weapon into the vehicle.
Deputy Truax placed himself in front of a fleeing vehicle and without second thought and not taking into account the number of innocent passengers in the vehicle, Truax recklessly fired his service weapon into the vehicle regardless who was inside. At no time did any of the passengers nor Williams ever point a weapon or fired upon Deputy Truax. A 9mm weapon was recovered from the scene, after Williams lost control of the vehicle and crashed into other vehicles when he was shot in the head.
Deputy Truax upon himself decided to become jury, judge and executioner, some might argue.
During a press conference, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. stated, "...Sunday, June 11 at 7:41 p.m., in the area of Lincoln Memorial Drive and East Water Tower Road, a deputy (Truax) with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office used deadly force toward a vehicle being pursued by a different Milwaukee County sheriff deputy..."
Deputy Truax who decided to use deadly force on a fleeing vehicle should face criminal charges for attempted homicide when he discharged his weapon and struck McEwen twice and endangered two other passenger's life as well, three innocent persons who just happened to be the passengers in the vehicle Williams was driving.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy fires at fleeing vehicle striking the driver and female passenger

Update: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) dash cam video released shows Deputy Michael Truax, 32, in the middle median and as Terry Williams approaches,  the deputy discharged his weapon striking the front of the vehicle as debris and smoke is seen on the top front roof of the vehicle. Was Deputy Truax at the median attempting to ambuse Williams, since the pursued was being transmitted on MCSO radios? What was Deputy Truax doing in the median?

It seems, Deputy Truax was already at the median and is attempting to stop Williams by placing himself in front of the vehicle instead of moving away from it, when he fires the first shot at the vehicle, according to the video. Williams tries to avoid the deputy and slightly turns left as the deputy also steps sideways to the left and clears the vehicle and then Deputy Truax continued to discharge his weapon at the fleeing vehicle despite, that there were four people inside the vehicle. Williams, 19, was shot in the head and lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Williams was declared brain dead on Monday. Paula McEwen was struck in the shoulder and hand, two other passengers, a male and female were not injured. McEwen survived the shooting by Deputy Truax.

Once Deputy Truax stepped aside and away from Williams vehicle, he was no longer in the way of the vehicle, but Truax continued to discharge his weapon at the slow moving vehicle. MCSO video was aired by WISN.

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