Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Biracial Latino Kids And Adults Kicked Out Of Brewers Game For being To Loud And Mexican

The mother of three kids says, they were kicked out along with their father and an adult cousin from the Brewers game for being to loud, but when being escorted out by Milwaukee police, one of the adults says, "we are basically being kicked out for being Mexican."

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 20, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, Titania Herrera posted in her Facebook (FB) account that her husband, an adult cousin, a friend and her three young children ages, 8, 7 and 4 were kicked out of the Brewers game for being to loud. José Herrera claims, that a White couple had complained to an usher that the kids were to loud, thsn an usher sat behind them to watch, then the White couple through the middle finger at the kids as they were leaving. Security then decided to escort the family and cousin out, despite another White man who was watching and attempted to explain to security that the White couple had given the middle finger to the children. It was to no avail, security and Milwaukee police escorted them out and didn't do anything to the White couple.
As the family and cousin were being escorted out, one of the adults says, "we got kicked out for being Mexican." According to Herrera, the children are Black and Latino. Titania blamed Trump for racist White to be more open, "I GUESS TRUMP MAKES SOME PEOPLE FEEL THEY CAN BE MORE OPENLY RACIST."
In a video posted by Titania, one adult says, that a supervisor let them back in and sat them at another seating section, which by then the kids were to scare to yell during the game for fear of getting kicked out.
Here's Titania's full FB post (warning it has some adult language directed at the Brewers management, "So I just received a call from my husband. Apparently my husband, his cousin and his friend along with my 8yr old 4yr old son and 7 yr old cousin were kicked out of the game, for being loud and cheering. Not everything is about race if you know me im far from racist, but today was. Two older white ppl complained my KIDS were cheering too loud. They had security sit behind my family and those two older white ppl gave my kids the middle finger (8,4,7years old) i just watched a snapchat video of my kids crying as they were escorted out. My husband and cousin tried to defend themselves but of course that made it worse. Another older white man stepped in , he had also tried defending them saying they did nothing wrong. But they were still asked to leave. Watching my babies so upset just pissed me off and hurt me so deeply. I will NEVER FUCKING BUY ANOTHER BREWERS SHIRT BOBBLE HEAD NOTHING. FUCK THEM AND THE TEAM TOO CAUSE IM SURE IF THEY SEE THIS THEY STILL WONT CARE!! IM A MOM BEFORE ANYTHING. I GUESS TRUMP MAKES SOME PEOPLE FEEL THEY CAN BE MORE OPENLY RACIST. BTW I DNT CARE WHO THIS OFFENDS CAUSE ITS WASNT UR KIDS CRYING AFTER BEING SO EXCITED TO SEE A GAME THEY HAS BEEN BEGGING TO SEE!! Milwaukee Brewers."
Herrera has tagged the Brewers in her FB concerning the incident, but according to her they haven't responded.

Video: Biracial Latino Kids And Adults Kicked Out Of Brewers Game https://youtu.be/gTiy5FD6i8o

Video: The Herrera family speaks out in interview by Tory Lowe http://bit.ly/2rU1BcI

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