Thursday, May 11, 2017

Boycott Harley-Davidson Corporation, They Openly Support Trump

The season of riding free on your Harley-Davidson began with the first H-D Museum Bike Night event in Milwaukee on Thursday, but a boycott is on against the H-D Corporation for openly supporting the bad hombre, Trump.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 11, 2017

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A national boycott has been called against the Harley-Davidson Corporation (H-D) for openly supporting the bad hombre, Trump. This year, President Trump was scheduled to visit the H-D Corporate, but cancelled after thousands of Wisconsin residents threaten to protest at the H-D factory where Trump was scheduled to visit. So, the H-D Corporate officials went to the White House instead with motorcycles and openly supported the bad hombre, Trump who is attempting to repeal ObamaCare, is anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, doesn't respect women and definitely doesn't show any favorable action towards people of color.
There are 100's of thousands of male bikers and female bikers who ride an H-D motorcycle, but most were purchased before the H-D Corporate officials made the decision to support and back Trump. Well it was their choice to stand with Trump, despite public opinion to boycott all of Trump name products and etc.
So, lets show the H-D Corporation that as long as they stand with Trump, we as bikers of color will stand with the people and flex our trillion dollar purchasing power as Latinos and will not buy their products or attend any H-D funded event.
On Thursday, the H-D Museum held its first bike night set and displayed a defaced U.S. flag, which no doubt many will consider the act disrespectful.
Apparently, the H-D Corporation officials have become victims of their own ignorance. Boycott Harley-Davidson 2017!

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