Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alabama Suspect Turns Himself To Police After Shooting 17 Bar Patrons In Tuscaloosa

Nathan Van Wilkins

Suspect called Jasper police from a FedEx store and admitted to shooting into a bar in Tuscaloosa.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 18, 2012

Jasper, Alabama - Police in Jasper responded to a call from Nathan Van Wilkins, 44, who confessed that he shot into a Tuscaloosa bar on early Tuesday that resulted with 17 patrons injured by shots fired from an assault rifle. Wilkins was taken into custody at a FedEx store in Jasper, according to police.
Wilkins is facing 18 felony counts of attempted murder, including one for an earlier shooting and one count of shooting into a tavern. Wilkins was also connected to an earlier shooting of another victim before going to the Copper Cup bar and firing through the windows.
Wilkins is facing more than $1.9 million cash bond once all of the charges are filed.
Twelve of the victims were treated for their injuries and then released from a local hospital. The remaining victims remained at the hospital, two are in an Intensive Care Unit and the rest remained in serious condition, according to police.
Tuscaloosa police say, surveillance camera footage captured Wilkins walking through the parking lot with an assault rifle and then fired his weapon about 11 times into the bar.
Tuscaloosa police confirmed, that a Crime Stopper tip had identified Wilkins as the main suspect in the shooting melee before he eventually turned himself in.

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