Monday, April 16, 2012

Ruiz Admits A Block Watch Captain Was involved In Distributing Defamation Witkowiak CSSS Flyers

Juan Carlos Ruiz

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A south side block watch captain and a 22-year-old woman were involved in the defamation Witkowiak CSSS flyers distributed the night before the April 3 election to influence the 12th Aldermanic District vote.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2012

Milwaukee - On Sunday, Juan Carlos Ruiz, a radio host for Nfoque Latino admitted that the two people busted by police for distributing defamation Witkowiak flyers were a former Marine (30-year veteran) who is a current Block Watch Captain from the south side and a 22-year-old woman. Ruiz was called to the scene when police busted the couple passing out flyers for the Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS) on Monday, April 2, at the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. A block watch captain is a volunteer who organizes the residents on the block to be more aware of what illegal activities or suspicious activity is going on in the area and to report it to Milwaukee police to help prevent crime. It's unfortunate that a block watch captain was caught distributing flyers in an intent to slander an alderman while in office. Should Milwaukee police begin to do background checks on these volunteers to assure they are law abiding citizens before becoming block watch captains?
The CSSS flyer made false allegations that Witkowiak was shaking down bar owners and was corrupt. The CSSS flyer was passed out in the 12th District with acknowledgement of José G. Pérez and his campaign, according to both suspects working for CSSS. CSSS is a fake group connected to Ruiz and the Pérez campaign, according to allegations raised by Witkowiak and his supporters.
The couple called Ruiz to the scene once they were busted by police for passing out the fake flyers, which had an address in the disclaimer that turned out to be one of former Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak's properties on W. Historic Mitchell St.
Ruiz wrote on Facebook, "One of the a Latino retired from the NAVY after 30 years of service and also fought for the freedoms we all experience today. He is also a Block Captain in the 12th District...the other person was a 22 years old Latina woman. They were not ticketed and were not cited." Ruiz, a Pérez supporter and an alleged campaign worker has not admitted that he was called to the scene by the CSSS suspects and why was he involved in distributing the fake group flyers.
Witkowiak confirmed, that he will seek legal action against Ruiz, the two suspects and others connected to the CSSS flyer. (CSSS flyer
The night before the election, an estimated group of about 15 suspects were involved in distributing thousands of the false flyers door to door and also placed on vehicle windows in the 12th Aldermanic District to influence the vote. The suspects just wanted to express their "freedom of speech" by creating and passing out the CSSS flyer, according to Ruiz. But intentional slander is not protected under the law, which Ruiz and all the suspects connected to the CSSS flyer have failed to understand. Ruiz is just glad that most 12th Aldermanic voters are not Facebook users and won't know the actual truth about the CSSS group, according to some Facebook users.
Witkowiak supporters were able to recover at least 700 of those flyers in the district before the general election.
Witkowiak has denied the CSSS and Ruiz false allegations. On Sunday, Witkowiak wrote on Facebook, "I want to take a moment and that all of you that supported me through the years and during this election. I am greatly and deeply thankful for all of the hard work and loyalty from everyone, it has been an experience full of emotion and some hardships; however I want to convey that I have been very proud of the hard and honest work we put in to defend our values: Integrity, Honesty, and Racial Transparency. I thank you all! I am indebted, and ever grateful."
Multiple south side residents are now contemplating of doing a recall of the newly-elected Alderman Pérez within a year for the negative campaign targeted at Witkowaik that involved CSSS.
Pérez will be sworn on Tuesday to the Common Council, but is taking office with a black cloud over his head due to the extreme dirty politics that included racism, discrimination, woman bashing, the fake CSSS group and false accusations against Witkowiak, according to residents who opposed Pérez and Sachin Chheda, the Pérez campaign manager's dirty and sleezy politics in the last several months.

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