Tuesday, April 17, 2012

$5.3 Million Cermak Mega Fresh Market To Offer Mexican And Ethnic Foods At Miller Park Way

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Cermak fresh fruit and produce mega store to open soon in the Village of West Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 17, 2012

Village of West Milwaukee - Later this year, an Illinois fresh fruit and produce market will open its door along the S. Miller Park Way strip, according to village officials. Last year, the village board approved almost half a million of aid to finance the mega $5.3 million Cermak Freshmarket project at the 5100 block of S. Miller Park Way that will be operated and owned by Mike Bousis.
The 61,000-square foot Cermak market will open next door to Target, which the property is owned by Endeavour Corporation. Village of West Milwaukee officials expect that more than 115 people will be employed by Bousis. The village financing investment for the Cermak project is expected to be recovered within five years through property taxes it will generate and other development in the area, according to village officials.
The Cermak produce chain store has at least 10 stores operating in Chicago and its metroplitan area, including Aurora. The Aurora Cermak market is owned and operated by Bousis, who first opened the store in 2007.
The Cermak food store will specialize in Hispanic and Mexican food products, meats, fresh produce, fruit and other ethnic foods.

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