Tuesday, February 16, 2010

International Warrants Issued For Alleged Israeli Hitmen

Alleged 11 Israeli hitmen suspected of murdering Hamas leader in Dubai, 2 Palestinians have been arrested in connection with the murder (Photos: Dubai Police/ABC News)

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 16, 2010

Dubai -The United Arab of Emarites (UAE) government of Dubai has issued international warrants for 11 suspected Israeli hitmen who used elaborate disguises, fake European passports and false identities to commit a cold blooded brutal murder. The hitmen pretended to be tourists while staying at the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel in Dubai to carry out their plot to murder Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, 50, on January 19.
On Monday, Lieutenant General Tamim said, two Palestinians were arrested last week in Jordan and extradited to UAE in connection to the crime. One of the suspects is believed to have met with one of the hitmen. Both are residents of the UAE and one of the suspects had met Al Mabhouh at the airport. Al Mabhouh was heading to Sudan and then China from Dubai. Tamim also said, Al Mabhouh had met with members of his group and bought a pair of shoes.
Dubai police investigators released hotel surveillance footage of the suspects. Al Mabhouh was shocked with a taser. Taser marks found on the body show he was tased in his neck, back ear, leg, above his heart, genitals, and was burned with cigarettes, and then suffocated with a pillow, according to Al Mabhouh's family who told media outlets about police details of the homicide. The suspects had tried to coverup the murder by making it look like Al Mabhouh had died of natural causes, police revealed.
Three of the suspects were using Irish passports, but Ireland authorities confirmed they were fake. One suspect was seen going into a bathroom and then came out with a different disguise who was later identified as Kevin Daveron, according to surveillance footage. Another involved was a woman identified as Gail who was using an Irish passport, and all the accomplices had foreign passports, 1 French, 1 German, 3 Irish, and 6 British. At least, 6 other unidentified suspects including a second woman have been added in connection with the homicide and are being sought, Dubai homicide investigators confirmed.
Dubai Police Chief Lt. General Dahi Khalfan Tamim in a press release says the suspects after the murder left through Dubai airport and travelled to Hong Kong and other European destinations. We know where they are today and we are getting Interpol warrants issued for their arrests, Chief Tamim says. He added, the investigation hasn't ruled out an Israeli hit on Al Mabhouh, but if the suspects were found to be Israelis, Dubai would issue an arrest warrant for Israel's Prime Minister.
Al Mabhouh founded the Ezzedine Al Qassem brigade, the military wing of the Islamist Palestinian movement. Israel's Mossad Secret Service believed Al Mabhouh was in Dubai trying to buy arms from Iran and was suspected of supplying rockets and arms supplies to Hamas fighters.
Al Mabhouh was wanted in Israel for his alleged involvement in the 1989 kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers and their deaths, according to the Israel government.
Dubai police said they had solved the murder within 24 hours, but waited a few days to announce Al Mabhouh's murder until Interpol's assistance was secured, and for results to be confirmed. The crime took place within 20 minutes of Al Mabhouh's arrival to his hotel room, where he was tortured and smothered with a pillow.
Al Mabhouh's body was found a day later in room 230 after his murder. Hamas fighters have vowed revenge for the brutal murder of Mabhouh. 

Dubai police released hotel video of suspected Israeli hitmen: http://bit.ly/cKyyZx and http://bit.ly/9j3vci

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