Wednesday, February 24, 2010

26 Suspects Wanted for Murder by Dubai Police and INTERPOL

Top photos were recently released of 15 suspects, and bottom, 11 suspects sought by INTERPOL and Dubai police. A total of 26 alleged hitmen wanted for murder in Dubai.
(Photos: Dubai Police/ABC News)

Dubai police and INTERPOL have released all 26 passport photos of alleged hitmen suspected of murder and conspiring to kill Hamas leader

February 24, 2010

(HNNUSA) -Dubai police have released 15 more passport photos of suspects in connection with the January 19, homicide of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. The suspects were carrying passports from four countries, 3 from Australia, 3 Irish, 3 from France and 6 were British.
14 of the alleged hitmen had used Mastercard credit cards to pay for hotel rooms and travel expenses. The credit cards were traced back to META, a U.S. regional bank that issued them. META Bank provided information to Dubai police that the credit cards were provided prepaid by Payoneer, a company headquartered in New York City and operating a development and research center in Tel Aviv, Dubai police informed. Both META and Payoneer are looking into the matter and cooperating with Dubai authorities.
Dubai police now say they have issued international warrants for 26 suspects, including the 11 suspects INTERPOL had issued Red notices for. In total, 6 women and 20 men allegedly conspired to commit murder in Dubai, according to Dubai authorities. The suspects are believed to be members of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence Agency known to operate a spy and hitmen network. As of yet, no reward has been offered for information leading to the true identities of the suspects and information leading to their arrest and conviction.
The Red notices were sent to 188 countries connected with INTERPOL, and authorities have been alerted that authentic passports have been altered by the suspects. The INTERPOL alert prevents a suspect from using the passport to travel.

BBC posted all 26 pictures of the suspects, including false names and country of origin used at

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