Saturday, July 21, 2018

Domingo Garcia Elected As LULAC National President At The 89th Annual LULAC National Convention

Texas Civil Rights Attorney Domingo Garcia defeated Darryl Morin from Wisconsin and was elected as the new LULAC National President.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

July 21, 2018

Phoenix, Arizona - On Saturday, Texas Civil Rights Attorney Domingo Garcia was elected as the new League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) National President at the 89th LULAC National Convention and Expo in Arizona. Garcia defeated Darryl Morin from Wisconsin who ran on a platform to eliminate corruption and budget deficit at the national level. Garcia received 713 votes and Morin received 238 votes. Garcia ran on a platform to unite the membership, tranparency, standing up for immigrant rights, keeping families united and expanding the current LULAC membership of more than 1,300 members to more than 1M members, comprehensive immigration reform, assistance for veterans and seniors plus tuition-free higher education, expanding the organization’s budget to $20-million to support local LULAC Council programs and increased emphasis on developing the youth, young adult and collegiate components to ensure their future opportunities.
This year, both Garcia and Morin participated in a debate at the national conference and attendance was full to capacity. The members definitely wanted change and to put the National LULAC back on track to engage in civil rights protections, justice and equality in the U.S. for Latinos.
Garcia is a well known Democrat in the State of Texas. The LULAC National President's election was non-partisan and the election was held during the 89th Annual LULAC National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday at the Convention Center.
Garcia lives is Dallas where he is a practicing civil rights attorney. He is a former member of the state legislature and the youngest city council member ever to serve as Mayor Pro Tem in one of America's largest cities. Garcia is also author of Texas' DACA legislation which served as the template for President Obama's national DACA program.
In other LULAC news over the weekend, Sandy Benavides, the interim CEO of the National LULAC was appointed as the new CEO, making her the first Latina woman to be confirmed as the National LULAC CEO. Benavides is an immigrant from Honduras.

Other LULAC members elected to the LULAC National Leadership were:

• Treasurer - Pablo Martinez (NM)
• VP Woman - Lourdes Galvan (TX)
• VP Youth - Joe Organista (UT)
• VP Young Adults - Andres Rodriguez (CA)
• VP Elderly - Elia Mendoza (TX)
• VP Northeast- Ralina Cardona-Lizardi (NY)
• VP Southeast Yvone Quiñones  (PR)
• Midwest Jose Lopez (IL)
• VP for Southwest Gabriel Rosales - (TX)
• VP for Farwest - David Hernandez (AZ)

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