Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Undocumented Franco Ferreyra Facing Deportation After Being Charged With Driving Without A License In Waukesha County

Ferreyra was cited for driving without a license after a traffic stop for having a tail out in Waukesha County.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 12, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, undocumented immigrant Franco Ferreyra, 29, of Waukesha who is originally from Argentina was taken into custody after meeting with an immigration officer. Ferreyra is now being held at the Dodge County jail and is facing deportation without bond or facing an immigration judge. Because in 2001 at the age of 13, he entered the U.S. under a Visa waiver, which only allowed him to visit for 90 days and if he failed to exit the U.S., he would forfeit any bond and an immigration hearing in front of a judge, but would be subject for deportation, according to the Visa waiver conditions.
Ferreyra in 2013 was arrested for driving under the influence and four months ago, he was cited for driving without a license. The latest incident was brought to the focus of ICE after Ferreyra appeared at a Waukesha County court hearing to face the charge for driving without a license, which is a civil forfeiture under Wisconsin state statues. 
Ferreyra was stopped by police for having a tail light out and was cited for driving without a license.
Ferreyra went to the U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Services Office (CIS) on Monday with his lawyer when he was taken into custody by ICE. Ferreyra's immigration attorney, Matthew Luening filed for asylum and a temporary work permit, but both are pending.
During a press conference on Tuesday held by his family in front of the CIS office in Milwaukee, they called for his release. Luening confirmed that Ferreyra was able to get a driver's license and that he believes Ferreyra is eligible to apply for DACA status. He also said, that ICE went to Ferreyra's home and his work place looking for him after he appeared in court for driving without a license.
ICE released the following statement about Ferreyra's immigration case, "Franco Damian Ferreyra, 29, is a citizen of Argentina who overstayed his temporary visit to the United States by more than 16 years.
"On June 11, 2018, deportation officers with U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Ferreyra during a routine check-in at the ICE ERO office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
"On Dec. 21, 2001, Ferreryra legally entered the U.S. from Argentina on the Visa Waiver Program, which expired before April 2002.
"Ferreryra was arrested by ICE on Feb. 7, 2018, and ordered removed administratively, pursuant to the terms of his admission under the Visa Waiver Program. He was released on an order of supervision the same day. ICE re-arrested him on June 11, 2018, and he is currently in ICE custody pending removal from the United States."
Ferreyra has for 4 children.
Voces de la Frontera who sharé the press conference with Ferreyra's family says, that they have posted an online petition on their Facebook account asking for Ferreyra's release from ICE custody.

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