Sunday, December 3, 2017

Trump, Democrats And Republicans Betrayed The People: Vote Them Out Of Office In 2018

Letter to Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

By (name withheld by request)
December 3, 2017

With the recent Trump Tax Scam approval by the U.S. Senate Republicans with a vote of 51-49, the public outcry to oust corrupt career politicians ignite protests before the bill actually reaches Trump for his signature to make it law.

Trump ran on a campaign promise to help the middle class and workers. Trump and the Republicans faced losing their jobs in 2016, today they want to make it look like they are helping workers and the middle class. But make no mistake...this is just an appearance to keep their jobs and status quo.

But, CNN indicates that "It's not really because investors think the proposed tax overhaul would unleash enormous growth by creating new jobs and stronger wages. Most established economists have thrown water on that theory. That's because there's no guarantee companies would use their savings from lower corporate tax rates and repatriated foreign profits to create jobs. In fact, few CEOs have publicly made any such promise. In fact, according to CNN, Markets are betting that companies would use their new spare cash to help investors: by purchasing boatloads of stock and beefing up their dividends ( In contrary, companies already have indicated that much of the benefits they get from tax cuts won't go directly to growth-related activities (

Not only that, nearly half the American population opposed the tax bill (

In a political play, the Democrats did not even bother to present to the American public a tax plan that would help the workers, middle class and the private sector. The most likely and foremost reason, they want people to vote Democrat in the next Midterm elections in 2018, so they can impeach Trump and go back to the same corruption status quo they are acustomed in office, just as Republicans. In Milwaukee, under Democratic Mayor Tom Barret's governance, African-American poverty has increased and segregation remains stagnant with no change for the better and President Barack H. Obama's presidency, he failed to reduce African-American poverty in Milwaukee. Why? Because they actually need the African-Americans on poverty and destitute, so they can be easily manipulated to vote Democrat with complicity of local Democratic leaders.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker (R) and the Republican Assembly utterly failed to fulfill the Walker campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs. According to a Politifact report, Democratic Representative Mark Pocan stated that "Seven years later, (Scott Walker) has not hit his first campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs" (
So, it looks like Trump, the Republicans, and Democrats see the people as slave tools who can be easily manipulated and are shackled to their payroll checks, which live check by check or those in poverty and depend on a public assistance check to live with no escape to become independent from government assistance, while Trump, GOP and Democrats highjack the big money and give the middle class and workers breadcrumbs (pennies to a dollar) from their table in comparison to the trillions of dollars available for the billionaires and corporations as known by many as corporate welfare.
What are we to do? People from Wisconsin and nationally should elect Independent governors, State Assembly and Senate representatives, U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators in 2018. People in Wisconsin should vote Independent and vote all the Republicans and Democrats our of office and elect Independent candidates and profesionals with knowledge of issues and conflict resolution solving to stop the corruption.

Editor's note:

It's not a democracy when federal Senate Republicans in the U.S. pass a Trump tax scam bill without reading it, having public imput and released a 500-page version of it an hour before approving (vote: 51-49).
Their next goal, to raise the retirement age for Social Security while making cuts and cut Medicare.
Time to oust them from political careers.

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