Sunday, November 5, 2017

Photo Snapped Of Young Colorado Truck Thieves By Traffic Camera When Failing To Stop On Red Light

A snapped photo by a traffic stop camera in Denver resulted in revealing who actually stole a truck for an apparent joy ride.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 5, 2017

Denver, Colorado - On Friday, Adam Meis from Denver posted on his Facebook (FB) account that the teens responsible for stealing his a white 05 F350 4 Door Long Bed Diesel Ford truck on September 10 have been identified after posting several photos on November 2 of the teens in his truck. Meis got surprised to a get a citation notice and several photos accompanying the notice showing three young male teens including the driver of the stolen truck in the front seat and a female teen in the back seat from the driver.
Apparently, the teen driver of the stolen truck ran a red light and the red light traffic camera snapped several photos of the teens in the truck.
Meis's FB post and photos of the teens went viral on the social network and meme's began to surfaced making fun of the teens, but in this case, dumb truck thieves. A police officer on patrol found the abandoned truck on September 14 in Lakewood just off W. Kentucky Ave. and S. Ames Street, according to Meis. Meis says, the teens had broken the door lock and ignition as well to start the truck, must have ran out of diesel fuel after a joy ride and then abandoned the truck.
Meis reported that an Edge evolution CS tuner was stolen from the truck.
Police continue to investigate the truck theft incident and with the photos of the teens in the truck and their identities provided by FB users, it won't take long for police to arrest the teens and charged them for the truck theft.
Meis is a freelance Sports TV and Broadcaster, according to his FB account.

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