Thursday, February 16, 2017

Silvano Aureoles Conejo, Governor From Michoacán Abruptly Ends Interview Over Corruption And Impunity Of State Attorney General

The State of Michoacán continues with the same state of affairs and no effective plan to restore security, jobs and economic stability as promised by Governor Aureoles Conejo during his campaign for the governorship.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 16, 2017

Chicago, Illinois - On Wednesday, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, the Governor of Michoacán was in Chicago to make a presentation about the State of Michoacán at the Casa Michoacán and to engage in a dialogue with immigrants from the state residing in the Chicago area. Governor Aureoles Conejo told those Mexican nationals from the State of Michoacán that he is working to provide legal assistance for those trying to get legal status and for their rights to be respected by U.S. officials under a 10 point plan by his state government.
During a brief planned interview after the event by Raúl Ventura Ortíz from Radio Latina 5.0, Governor Aureoles Conejo became upset when he was asked about a lack of an economic and security stability plan in the state and why was he protecting or doing nothing about allegations that the Michoacán State Presecutor José Martín Godoy Castro was associated with organized crime. Governor Aureoles Conejo responded that Ventura Ortiz had misinformation provided by criminals and that he needed psychological help, which Ventura Ortiz responded that he actually had factual information. Governor Aureoles Conejo became uneasy about being questioned for his lack of installing an economic and security stability plan as he promised during his campaign before getting elected as governor, but after 16 months in office, he lacks any workable and sustainable economic plan for Michoacán.
Governor Aureoles Conejo also attempted to disrupt a video live recording being transmitted by members from Radio Latina about the interview, which has gone viral on social media.
According to Ventura Ortiz who is originally from Michoacán, the State of Michoacán is actually worst today with a proliferation of crime, drug cartels, narco-state government, murders and corruption that is plaguing the state government under Governor Aureoles Conejo. Governor Aureoles Conejo is touring the U.S. and trying to promote a positive outlook for Michoacán that is working for Mexican nationals from the state who continue to send money to families. Michoacán Mexican nationals from the U.S. send about $1,750M of money transfers to the state, which the State of Michoacán collects 25% to help offset the poverty index in the state.
But Ventura Ortiz says, the State of Michoacán is worst today with more than 54% of the poverty rate of the population under Governor Aureoles Conejo who has failed to implement an economic and security plan as promised.

Interview of Governor
Silvano Aureoles Conejo by Raúl Ventura Ortíz, video courtesy of Ernesto Nava: 

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