Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Warrants Issued For The Arrest Of Green Party Candidates Jill Stein And Ajamu Baraka For Criminal Mischief And Trespassing

Misdemeanor charges have been filed in Morton County against Stein and Baraka in connection of spray painting a DAPL construction bulldozer blade.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 7, 2016

Mandan, N. Dakota - On Wednesday, a Morton County District Court judge issued a criminal warrant for Jill Stein, the Green Party Presidential candidate and Vice-presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka in connection with spraying a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) bulldozer blade on Tuesday during a protest near Mandan. According to a warrant affidavit, both Stein and Baraka were charged with two misdemeanor counts each for criminal mischief and criminal trespass in connection with Tuesday's protest near the Sacred Stone Camp.
Stein in her Facebook account posted on Wednesday, "I hope the North Dakota authorities press charges against the real vandalism taking place at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation: bulldozing sacred burial sites, unleashing vicious attack dogs, endangering drinking water and pushing us toward climate meltdown."
Last Saturday, DAPL construction workers using bulldozers plowed through sacred historical markers and graves igniting a confrontation between DAPL hired security guards who attacked Native Americans (water protectors) with vicious dogs and pepper spray. At least 6 water protectors including a child were bitten by the dogs and 30 others were maced. Four security guards and 2 dogs were injured, according to the Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO).
A federal judge had issued a temporary restraining order stopping the crude oil pipeline construction for the eastside of Highway 1806, but DAPL construction workers located on the westside weren't restricted, since it didn't prevent them from continuing to clear an area where historical burial markers and graves were destroyed sparking for nearby protesters to confront them and stop further destruction of sacred burial grounds.
So far, the DAPL security guards involved in the attack of Native Americans with dogs have yet to be charged, but video taken at the confrontation on Saturday between water protectors and DAPL security guards show the attack on protesters. Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is accused of being bought off by DAPL and no charges are expected to be filed against the security guards, according to water protectors at the Sacred Stone Camp.
The DAPL front line protest near the Sacred Stone Camp has been the largest tribal gathering since 1876, at 188 Native American tribes including Aztecs totalling an estimated 4,000 people who have joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at the Sacred Stone Camp in solidarity against DAPL. The Native Americans say that the pipeline could fail and spill crude oil along the Missouri River affecting their freshwater supplies. The water protectors say, you can't drink oil.

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