Monday, June 8, 2015

Fans Disrupt Rodeo Event In Sturtevant After Banda Arkangel R-15 Didn't Show

People who attended an afternoon Mexican rodeo in Sturtevant, Wisconsin became upset and started a disruption of the outdoor concert shortly before the last set ended when they discovered that the Banda Arkangel R-15 wasn't showing to the event as advertised.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 8, 2015

Sturtevant, Wisconsin - On Sunday, police and security had to restraint and arrest several people after a discontent crowd began to get upset shortly after discovering that one of the featured artists, the Banda Arkangel R-15 wasn't going to show up as previously advertised. The afternoon Mexican rodeo began around 12:00 p.m. and was scheduled to end at 8:00 p.m. at the Plaza El Diamante, 3400 S. Sylvania Ave. in the Village of Sturtevant.
Those attending the event had to pay at least $35.00 per entry.
A crowd of fans learned before closing that the Banda Arkangel R-15 would be a no show and became upset and wanted a refund. No refunds were given by the Club Torazo Entertainment, the main sponsor of the rodeo. The rodeo was also sponsored by Bustos Media LaGranD 104 FM radio.
It is well know that some Mexican rodeo and dance events promote multiple musical bands, which at times do fail to show causing discontent when fans pay to see them and don't get refunds. Fans are calling it, the usual rip-off by promoters and the mistreatment of people by security at the event.
On Monday, the Racine County Sheriff's Office reported that it had arrested five people at the Homerun Heaven also known as the Plaza El Diamante on Sunday. Two of those arrested was Luis Dorantes, 35, and his son, Luis Torres, 17, both of Milwaukee.
Dorantes on Monday was charged with four misdemeanor counts, two for battery, one for disorderly conduct and one count for resisting arrest. Torres was charged with two misdemeanor counts for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Three others were charged with disorderly conduct.
Two security guards were also reported injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Dorantes apparently punch one of them. The altercation between security and Dorantes happened shortly before the event ended when those attending found out that one of the groups didn't show and sparked a disruption, which a physical altercation between some of the disappointed fans of the Banda Arkangel R-15 wanted their refunds and wouldn't leave the outdoor event.
A video circulating on the social network shows security and police restraining people involved in the disruption near the stage area. Israel Vargas, the owner of the Homerun Heaven/Plaza El Diamante told local media outlets that the altercation happened out side the event, but a video circulating on the social network indicates it happened inside and spread outside when some of those arrested were being escorted out.
More than a dozen squads of law enforcement departments from Racine including the sheriff's department and other nearby police departments responded to the scene. Police are claiming, it was a chaotic scene at the Plaza El Diamante in the Village of Sturtevant.
The Racine County Sheriff's Office released the following statement, "At approximately 7:30 p.m. the Racine County Communications Center took another call advising a male party had assaulted a security guard at Homerun Heaven. Upon Racine County deputies arrival it was learned that there were multiple fights in progress.
A total of 10 Racine County Sheriffs squads, 4 Mount Pleasant Police Department squads, 2 Sturtevant Police Department squads, and 1 Wisconsin State Trooper responded to maintain order.
Two private security guards were injured in the fights, one which was taken to the hospital by rescue. No law enforcement personnel were injured.
A total of 5 patrons were arrested and taken to Racine County Jail.
At 8:30 p.m. the Racine County Communications Center received a report of a roll over accident on I-94 northbound in the Town of Raymond. Wisconsin State Patrol handled the accident. Preliminary investigation has revealed the accident involved patrons from the Homerun Heaven event and it is believed alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident."

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