Friday, March 15, 2013

Four Security Guards Kidnapped From The Reynosa Soriana Periférico Mall

Armed gunmen kidnapped four security guards responsible for stopping a Soriana Periférico Mall invasion on Sunday by armed intruders to prevent bloodshed of customers. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 15, 2013

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico - On Monday, six vehicles with armed gunmen enter the Soriana Periférico Mall and kidnapped at least four mall security guards, according to recent postings in the Valor por Tamaulipas (VT) Facebook page. The mall guards were taken because they prevented gunmen from invading the strip mall last Sunday during a major gunbattle confrontation between two factions of the Gulf Cartel (GC) feuding for control of Reynosa and the multimillion dollar drug trafficking routes leading to the U.S.
The Soriana Periférico Mall closed it doors on Sunday once the infighting between the GC broke out and no one was allowed to enter or leave the mall to protect the safety of the customers and store employees inside. The typical suburban mall houses multiple stores that includes Famsa, an appliance store, Woolworths, a huge food court and a movie theater. 
No information has been released by the Soriana Periférico Mall management or the Reynosa police concerning the kidnapping reports of the guards circulating on the local social networks in Reynosa. The kidnapped guards have not been identified or have been seen since Monday. One guard managed to escape from the mall without being taken by the gunmen. He is not expected to return to work any time soon.
The gunmen were also searching for the security supervisor as well, but failed to locate him.
Reynosa has a population of 500,000 residents. Pharr and McAllen, Texas are just a few miles North of Reynosa.

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