Thursday, January 14, 2010

Milwaukee Police Confiscate Legalización Mexicano Files With Search Warrant

Police took files, documents, and Mexican license plates from Legalización Mexicano

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 14, 2010

Milwaukee -On Tuesday, Milwaukee Police investigators from the 2nd District Police Department in Milwaukee's South side walked into Legalización Mexicano, 1239 S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr. and took numerous files, documents and Mexican license plates under a search warrant. Investigators launched a probe investigation into what could be one of the largest fraud operations conducted by a business chain in Wisconsin, Illinois and Mexico dealing in document legalizing of vehicles to be imported into Mexico.
On Monday, several victims came forward to expose an alleged fraud scheme by Legalización Mexicano, which defrauded them of thousands of dollars. The legalized documents for their trucks and vehicles they paid for to import permanently into Mexico turned out bogus. Legalización Mexicano charged between $1,500 to $3,000 and even more for documents and Mexican license plates.
Numerous clients became victims once they reached the Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico International border crossing when they discovered through Mexican Customs that their documents and Mexican license plates were false. Some of the Legalización Mexicano victims had to pay again at the border town legalization agencies to legalize their vehicles in order to import them into Mexico.
The Mexican Consulate in Chicago has not released any type of press release or warning to its citizens in the U.S. or in Mexico about the dubious practices of such businesses dealing in fraud. Mexican nationals in the U.S. have become easy pray for scams and fraud. The Mexican government has yet to enact laws to prosecute and punish those who engage in falsifying Mexican driver licenses, Id's, and now Mexican legalization documents and license plates for vehicles to be imported into Mexico. The Mexican Consulate in Chicago lacks a fraud investigative unit, according to victims.                                                 
Since the story first broke in December concerning Legalización Mexicano and its business chain owner Agustin Acosta-Valdez dubious business practices, numerous victims of the alleged fraud scheme have come forward in Milwaukee, Chicago and Mexico.

Chicago's Legalizaciones Mexicano at 3121 W. 26 St. closed signed on door said "Oficinas cerradas, no hay información a donde se movieron" Offices closed, no information where they moved. Offices were located in La Villita business sector.

Legalización Mexicano employees in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Waukegan and Chicago, Illinios have been abandoning the business chain. The business chain main Mex-Tel Corporate office located at 3121 W. 26 Street, Suite 2R in Chicago has been shut down. The owner of the building in La Villita Business District when contacted says Legalización Mexicano owes at least two months rent. Business phone lines in Waukegan and Chicago have been temporarily disconnected or voice mail boxes have been full to capacity.

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